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Reflexology or foot massage is an ancient massage art that originated in China. It was widely practiced in China as well as ancient Egypt. This massage therapy has medicinal and healing effects on the body and it is highly effective. By stressing on certain key points on the foot, the whole body is stimulated and worked on with the aid of this massage. It all started with the Zone therapy, where the body is considered to be divided into 10 segments. According to the theory of reflexology, every zone can be reached via the feet or palms.

In order to have a command over the art of reflexology, a great deal of knowledge on this technique is required. The art of a perfect foot massage that has a beneficial effect every part of the body requires extensive practice and experience. At Oasis Massage Salon, our team of professional masseuses and therapist are experts and proficient. They know the art of reflexology precisely.

There is a slight difference between a regular massage and reflexology. Massage is referred to the process when the soft tissues of the body are addressed to with different kinds of movements and varied levels of pressure. Reflexology deals with targeting the key points with micro movements in the feet and palms that have a reflex action on the entire body. To fully understand the advantages of Oasis Massage Salon Special reflexology on the mental and physical health, read along.


  • Regular Foot Massage 60 mins
  • Regular Foot Massage 90 mins






  • Hot Stone Foot Massage 60 mins
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage 90 mins
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