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Tammy Testimonial

I must say, I very much enjoyed it! It’s in the mid of Chinatown here on Bellaire on the second floor. As you enter, the decor is just very simple, minimal, and clean (the whole entire place is clean, period!) We came in last minute with no reservation but they still kindly took us in with little wait time. The had alot of multiple rooms that were all dimly litted with relaxing music playing in the background.

Tammy T.

Testimonial 7

Best massage I’ve had in Houston I can’t tell you how skilled Nick is in his massage I got the $50 full body back massage and it made me drool. I came out hungry and feeling so light and  happy. I have a lot of shoulder and uncomfortable neck spasms so I used to go to physical therapy but I stopped going this year so getting reflexology has been helpful in relieving muscle tension.

Tammy H.

Testimonial 6

The massage chairs at their facilities are very comfortable. I would say this is one of the nicest massage place here in Chinatown. The foot massage here is super inexpensive. For a computer person, This is one of the best relieve I can find to heal my body. I feel refresh and less stressed out everything time I get out of here.

Na L.

Testimonial 5

Don’t let the small nature of the women throw you off, they can give very powerful massages that will leave you sore, but in a good way. The place is very clean and professional with a relaxing atmosphere. The foot massage seems very popular; I definitely want to try one sometime.

Sara R.

Testimonial 2

Awesome massage for the price if you know what to expect. This review is based on the $25 foot massage. I personally prefer a guy to provide my massage here because I ask for a lot of pressure and they generally provide more pressure. I find that each masseuse or masseur has their own techniques and routine that they consistently follow.

Kris J.

Testimonial 3

Oh my goodness! Why have I not been here before? This was possibly the best massage of my life!! Lesson of the day. Nick does prenatal massages ladies, don’t let them hide him from you! I will definitely be back!! 5 STARS from the hormonal pregnant lady :)) I’ll be back!

Christine N.

Testimonial 4

Myself and two other ladies went in for the 60 minute foot massage. The whole salon/spa from what I saw was very clean and minimalistic for a relaxing feel. Overall it was a great experience for an unbeatable price! I would be sure to let them know how much or how little pressure you want or need. Great service, great experience and SERIOUSLY unbeatable price.

Candace P.

Testimonial 1

The big sister to King Spa. The inside looks pretty much exactly the same, and it’s very clean, spacious, and relaxing! Prices are super affordable, so if your massage therapist does a good job, give them a hella huge tip since they work so damn hard. Want more pressure? Just say so!


Jocelyn C.


Oasis consistently reigns as my fav for a few key reasons: It’s clean!! Massage chairs are in good condition and well kept. It may look small from the outside, but they’ve got about 3-4 rooms available with the staff to match.  I’ve come here with multiple people, and we’ve all been able to get our massages at the same time.

Sabrina F.
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